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About Zenith

Zenith is an immersive puzzle experience, inspired by Geoff Crammond's 1980s game, The Sentinel.

An excellent, compact but smart looking remake of The Sentinel. ... This is a nice modernisation and is much better than the commercial update that the PC and PlayStation got in The Sentinel Returns.


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866 KB, ZIP, Windows
Player's Guide
Creative's OpenAL for Windows.
Required to play Zenith



Use the landscape's energy resources wisely to gain height and depose the Sentinel from the Zenith. Do this by:

  • Absorbing trees to gain energy
  • Finding somewhere higher: stack boulders and create an empty host shell
  • Keeping going higher, avoiding the stare of the Sentinel and its Sentries
  • Absorbing the Sentries and the Sentinel, then leave the landscape for a new challenge


You start each game with your consciousness occupying a robot shell in the valleys of a hostile landscape. Around you are a few trees, which you can absorb for energy if you can see the square that they stand on.

Video demo of Zenith gameplay
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Now that you've absorbed some energy from the landscape, the Sentinel has awoken! It slowly scans a small sector of the landscape, looking for objects containing more than a single unit of energy (anything other than a tree). When the Sentinel finds a concentration of energy, it scatters that energy (as trees) across the landscape, one unit at a time.

With the Sentinel now active, you should move somewhere fairly soon; you really don't want to be caught in the Sentinel's gaze. You can create a robot shell on any square that you can see, then move into the new shell by transferring your consciousness.

If the new square is higher than the square you came from, then you'll probably be able to see more of the landscape from your new position. To gain more height, you can stack boulders first, before creating a robot on top of them.

To win the game, you must use your limited supply of energy wisely, quickly gain height, take advantage of any opportunities, and ultimately absorb the Sentinel from its pedestal.


We've provided this for free since 2005. If you'd like to give a little back, please consider donating.

Terms of Use

The freeware status of Zenith means that you may download and use Zenith freeware versions without charge, and without warranty. If you'd like to give a little back, please consider donating. Zenith will not become a commercial product, unless future versions of Zenith offer a game that is significantly different from The Sentinel. You may not charge for distributing or providing Zenith, and if you host the downloadable files yourself, you must provide a link to the download page on this site.