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About Zenith

Zenith is an immersive puzzle experience, inspired by Geoff Crammond's 1980s game, The Sentinel.


An excellent, compact but smart looking remake of The Sentinel. ... This is a nice modernisation and is much better than the commercial update that the PC and PlayStation got in The Sentinel Returns.

Geoff Crammond's purely innovative, rarely imitated classic ... Zenith (PC) is a very faithful remake.


Download the game
866 KB, ZIP, Windows
Creative's OpenAL for Windows.
Required to play Zenith


Use the landscape's energy resources wisely to gain height and depose the Sentinel from the Zenith:

  • Absorb trees to gain energy
  • Find somewhere higher: stack boulders and create an empty host shell on top
  • Keep going higher, avoiding the stare of the Sentinel and its Sentries
  • Absorb the Sentries and the Sentinel, then leave the landscape for a new challenge
Video demo of Zenith gameplay
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Terms of Use

  • Zenith has been freeware since its release in 2005; provided without charge and without warranty. If you'd like to give a little back, please consider donating.
  • Do not charge for distribution; link to here instead.