Player's Guide: Key Reference

Key Reference

These keys will help you control the game. Hints about these keys display in the game.

Control your experience

EscShow New Game and Configuration options
F4Show or hide hints
F1Show another hint
F3Set anti-aliasing mode
Alt + F4Exit Zenith immediately


Cursor keys
Turn camera. Use with Ctrl for fine control.
IZoom in. Use with Ctrl for fine control.
OZoom out. Use with Ctrl for fine control.
MShow or hide the map
F2Save a PNG screenshot to Zenith program folder


QTransfer, or exit landscape when on the Sentinel's pedestal.
HHyperjump. Moves to a lower square.


1, TCreate a tree, costs 1 energy unit
2, BCreate a boulder, costs 2 energy
3, RCreate a synthoid Shell, costs 3 energy
A, SpaceAbsorb the object under your cursor to gain energy

Debug and cheat

F9Show or hide the command console