Project In Developement

In Development

These are some of the improvements that we are considering, or are testing, but have not yet released. There are about 100 more sketched out, but we'll update again if a significant number of them are implemented.


2CodeBetter testing for absence of required DLLs (OpenAL). Current interface does not give error, nor report its absence; just crashes the app.
3GameplayNew game objects, having different roles in the game.
  1. Absorber. A tall obelisk, built in stages, has increasing range with each stage. Absorbs any object within range, and scatters its energy. Compared with a Sentry, it has limited range and is not restristed by direction.

4GameplayCampaign context, and exactly-repeatable gameplay as required.
6InterfaceConvert the status bar and menus (currently using Windows GUI) to 'overlays'. Would help full-screen implementation, and game recording.
8GameplayLandscape generation tweaks. [mostly done; now tuning playability]
9GameplayPropose that some new extended gameplay rules are created, which extend the game significantly from the original. These to be isolated by a preference or game option. We'll show them here as Gameplay+. As a general rule, the total amount of energy on the landscape will be conserved.

Extended Gameplay rule proposal: distant objects cost energy to create or absorb.

Lost energy is dissipated randomly into the landscape. To be kind to the player, the interface needs some hint of how expensive this will be before it is done. This means that a distant sentry can be absorbed, or a robot shell can be created at a distance, but it might be expensive. It adds to the game dynamic, of making decisions between expensive convenience and finding longer routes to get close enough to do it efficiently.

Visible energy

Small particles, about 0.01 (1/100) units each, which may be shown during transfers, or be free in the landscape. Creation happens only when all particles have arrived, and Absorption works by dismantling an object into particles then absorbing them. Particle movement enables further gameplay possibilities, e.g. attractors, repulsors, interception by scan, efficiency (see #10, #3.1). It also looks nice!

12InterfaceFull-screen capability.
13GameplayCampaign mode.

In Progress



1UsabilityPlayer's Position Indicator on Map View. [done]
5InterfaceAllow wider aspect-ratios for 16:9 displays (allowed 17:9). [done]
7InterfaceRestore camera zoom on return from Map View. [done]

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