Project Bugs


#versionSolvedComment could hang at levels 90+, because of internal scheduling errors.
100.9.9.r3yesSome users reported an application error on game start. This is because an old version (or no version) of OpenAL support was found on your computer. Downloading Creative's OpenAL installer for Windows solves this problem. We're sorry we can't catch this error.
9Dev 5-Stacks might have floating objects when they are busy. crash when lots of activity on a game square (usually on levels 50+).
7Dev 1-Animation speeds are not consistent in power-saving mode (not enabled by default).
6Dev 1Dev 3If game over because of scanning, then occasionally energy can continue to be lost in the next game.
5Dev 1Dev 5Scanning indicator may persist long after a scan has stopped.
4Dev 1Dev 6Clickable icons in the status panel are not yet functional (removed on Dev Demo 6).
3Dev 1Dev 7Many New Game dialog box functions are not implemented (clear indication on Dev Demo 7).
2Dev 10.9.5Switching to and from Map View does not maintain camera angles.
1Dev 1Dev 6Occasional GPF (NPE) error when lots of activity on a single square.