Playing Crossmines

Playing - Starting a Game

After starting Crossmines, you will see the high score table.

At first there will be no scores, because you have played no games. When you have played a few games, the table will fill up with your scores.

Starting a Game

Click on the 'New Game' button at the top-left of the window. This opens the 'New Game' box, where you can choose the type of game you want to play.

New Game button

New Game

In the 'New Game' box, you choose the type of game you want to play.

New Game box

These options are covered in more detail on the new game options page, but for now, just:

  • Type your name in the Player Name box,
  • Press the '1' button (in the Quick Settings section), then
  • Press the 'OK' button.

This starts a new game.

Playing - Solving the Puzzle


Identify all the cells that contain mines, without activating any of them. Do this by testing cells, or marking them as containing a mine.

A newly-started game

Testing Cells

Hover your mouse pointer over a cell - the cell under your pointer will pulse white. Left-click to test the cell.

One cell tested

One of two things will happen:

  • Game over - You trip the minefield!* This happens when you test a cell that has a mine within.
  • Numbers are revealed. Each number tells you how many mines are surrounding a cell. You can use this information to work out where the mines are hidden.

* Your first test is generous: if you trip a mine on your first test, it will not trip the minefield - instead, the cell will be marked.

Marking Cells

With one cell tested, numbers are revealed (when you test a 'zero' cell, exploration happens automatically when it is safe to do so, and many numbers are revealed).

Right-click to mark a cell.

Obvious Cells Marked

In this example, the marked cells are those where a '1' implies that its only unexplored adjacent cell contains a mine.

Continue until all mines are identified.

A finished game