Scoring and Timing
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Earn more points by:

  • Testing cells, and finishing the game successfully,
  • Finishing with lots of cells untested,
  • Finishing quickly (in timed games, a bonus is added according to the game speed).

Difficult games can win you higher scores and bonuses. Your score will be remembered in the High Scores table, whether the game ends successfully or in failure.


In the new game box, you can choose whether or not to play a timed game.

  • If your game is not timed, the clock will start at 00:00, and increase as you play. You can take as long as you like to complete the puzzle, without affecting the score or the outcome of the game.
  • If your game is timed, then the clock gives you a time to begin with, e.g. 02:13 = 2 minutes, 13 seconds (for fast games, the clock will give you less time). As you play, the clock counts down. When the clock reaches 00:00, the minefield blows up, and the game ends in failure. Note that by playing quickly, you can add time to the clock, and increase your chances of winning.

High Scores >>