Project Status: Completed

CrossMines is a puzzle game, where the player must guess the locations of mines hidden in a minefield. Full details of the concept can be found in the introduction.

The current release is an up-to-date rewrite of the 1996 version (which was written by the same author, for Windows 3.1/95).


18 Sep 2005v1.0.1

New Player's Guide, available on the website.

22 Jun 2005v1.0.1

CrossMines packaged in a Windows XP compliant installer, with full uninstall options. Uses NSIS

16 May 2005v1.0.1

Distribution ZIP changed to being a Crossmines folder containing the application and a sub-folder containing .tes pattern files.

Regular tessellated shapes introduced. Each pattern demands its own general set of strategies for winning.

  • 15 patterns added.
  • Patterns stored as text files; new patterns can be created by anyone.
  • Note: Patterns have unique IDs (to allow patterns written by different people to have the same name), and comp-sci will soon host an ID number allocation service to ensure no duplicates occur in public patterns. File format to be published soon.
  • Some bugs known - see 'Bugs' below.

25 Apr 2005v1.0
Improvements to Scoring:
  • New Game settings are remembered between sessions.
  • High Score table can be filtered to show:
    (a) Everyone's scores or just the current player's, and
    (b) Closeness to the existing New Game settings.
  • Player clicks on the High Score table to challenge a score using the same New Game settings as the player who achieved the score.
22 Apr 2005v0.3.4
Beta stable
Improvements to Scoring:
  • Scoring while clearing squares is determined by minefield difficulty.
  • End-game bonuses: large bonuses for leaving cells unexplored. Timed games enjoy a time bonus.
21 Apr 2005v0.3.3
Beta stable
Improvements to New Game Box:
  • Re-arranged options.
  • Simplified layout. Advanced options are hidden behind a flip-down button.
  • Timed game, with selectable game speed. Game ends if time runs out.
  • Most words removed from the New Game box, to be replaced by pictures.
Other changes:
  • Lifelines: use a lifeline just before risky test. Lifelines are safe, but cost time and points. Two lifelines per game - this may change in future releases.
  • Scoring: difficult levels score more highly. This feature will be fine-tuned in future releases.
18 Apr 2005v0.3.2
Beta stable
Improvements to New Game Box:
  • Re-arranged most options.
  • Icons to show purpose of sliders (to help players whose first language is not English)
  • Additional drop-down menus (left disabled): 'Linking Pattern' and 'Tessellation Pattern'.
  • Quick Settings: 10 'Levels' of play.
Other Changes:
  • Minor change to highlighting
  • 'Holes' now implemented
17 Apr 2005v0.3.1
Beta stable
Small changes to tidy the v0.3 release:
  • About Box
  • Icon for the program
  • Minor change to highlighting
  • Some inactive interface items hidden: menu options, 'Holes' game option.
15 Apr 2005v0.3
Beta stable
Re-written. This update is released at this point because it is an improvement on the 1996 release:
  • Highlights area under the cursor,
  • Bugs solved.
  • Does not include scoring.
05 Apr 2005LaunchProject started.


1014 May 20091.0.1yesPatterns not detected when running on Vista. Until an update is released, running Crossmines.exe in 'XP (Service Pack 2)' compatibility mode solves the problem.
916 May 20051.0.1-Patterns: Can hang if pattern file is deleted or ID is changed within the text file while player is choosing a pattern.
816 May 20051.0.1-Patterns: Some inadvertent cell linking has been observed.
716 May 20051.0.1-Patterns: Sometimes does not save the 'pattern used' when remembering the New Game configuration between sessions.
616 May 20051.0.1-Patterns: 'One mark per cell' option does not work with patterns yet - an improvement is due soon.
516 May 20051.0.1-Patterns: Error-trapping poor with erroneous patterns.
426 Apr 2005-1.0New Game: Very low values for Cell Size cause a freeze, and the application must be quit.
317 Apr 20050.3B0.3.1BPop-up menu shortcuts and options now act correctly at all times.
2(no date)0.2A0.3BClicking outside the game area caused edge cells to be selected.
1(no date)0.2A0.3BLinked mines around linked cells were mis-counted as multiple areas, where they should have been one area. Solved using a different counting method.