New Game Options

Quick Settings

The 'Quick Settings' buttons will quickly set the Custom Game options for you. If this is your first game, press button 1. When you have mastered level 1, try the others.

Custom Settings

Timed Game

To play a timed game, activate the clock, and move the slider to choose your game speed.

When you play a timed game, the clock will count downwards. You should play quickly to add time to your clock. If the clock reaches zero, the game ends. Using lifelines will take time off your clock, so use them wisely.

Minefield Size

The size ranges from 7x7 cells (far left) to 147x98 (far right).

To show more game options, click on the arrow on the left of this panel.

Mine Population

This option ranges from few mines (far left) to many mines (far right).

The more mines, the more difficult the game, because mines will become crowded, and mine cells can not themselves reveal how many mines are surrounding them.


This option ranges from no holes (far left) to many holes (far right).

With more holes, the game can become difficult, because you will have less clues to deduce the positions of the mines.

Shaped Cells

There are two types of shapes you can select using the radio buttons: (a) random shapes, (b) regular patterns.

Random Shapes

When the slider is set fully to the left, all cells will be small squares. When the slider is set to the right, cells will be bigger, and will have irregular shape.

Regular Pattern

Use the '...' button to select a pattern.

Linked Cells

When set fully to the left, no cells will be linked. When the slider is set to the right, more cells will be linked.

When cells are linked to many others, you need to use advanced logic to complete the game.

The drop-down menu underneath will become available in a future version of Crossmines.