John Valentine
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  • Listing: Articles in the main category
  • Archive: Retired items and nostalgia portfolio.


  • Work: A summary of my professional experience and specialisms.


  • Physics: Research project to discover useful abstractions for foundational physics. Papers

Hosted web apps

  • Xetune: A microtonal tuning visualizer and editor.
  • Sticky Fingers: A browser-based MIDI control surface that lets you play music with a devices you might already own.
  • Wordlish: A word usage analyser for writers and editors. It helps you find biases and errors in your work, like gender bias, weasel words, regional bias, clutter, and personal overuse of words.

Download games

  • Zenith: A 2005 Windows remake of The Sentinel.
  • Crossmines: Challenging Minesweeper variations.