John Valentine

This is my personal website, showcasing geekery for business and personal projects.


Personal projects

I enjoy creating through code and media:

  • Sound design, synthesis, music composition and production.
  • Writing: sci-fi and fantasy, articles, research in the foundations of physics and philosophy.
  • Visual media: virtual painting, 3D renders, photography.
  • Code: games, tools, content generation, and sound synthesis.

Sound design and music

I made patches included in Surge XT. Find demos on YouTube and SoundCloud.


For musicians, XeTune is an experimental visualiser and basic editor for multiple microtonal tunings.

It's free, runs in your local browser, and we don't use your data.


A word usage analyser for writers and editors. It helps you find biases and errors in your work, like gender bias, weasel words, regional bias, clutter, and personal overuse of words.

It's free, and your data doesn't leave your local browser.

Sticky Fingers

A browser-based MIDI control surface that lets you play music with a devices you might already own.

Create your own layout of components, and configure them to suit your playing style.

Sticky Fingers supports multitouch on Windows, Mac (Chrome), and mobile devices.