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Site and content

The content of this site is varied, and includes software and ideas (intellectual property) that the author has developed over time. While the author wishes these ideas to be developed to fruition and be useful, we are mindful that some readers might want to exploit the ideas beyond 'fair use', and deprive the author of potential benefits.

With this in mind, we assign copyright to the site and its contents. By default, unless otherwise stated in the content, all content is covered by an 'All Rights Reserved' copyright. For your guidance, this means (not exclusively) that we disallow commercial exploitation, but in spirit we allow recreational use, academic or educational use, and fair use (even though 'fair use' is not defined in some countries).

In making the general statements of intent on this page, we are not foregoing any copyright entitlements.

Downloadable programs

The author has developed these programs as part of a creative process, using some unique and attributed ideas, to generate unique art. In the case of Zenith, it was based on an existing game idea, which has been fully attributed where reasonable.

We forbid the resale of this software, and forbid charging for distribution or unlocking of any enabling services in relation to the software (in particular, but not exclusively, revenue-gathering mechanisms in download sites).

Open source

We license some projects and resources as open source, using standard licences.

Research Material

To cite Pieces of Eight papers, you must attribute any ideas in standard references, as you would any good scientific paper. The ideas presented in articles should be attributed and linked in the usual courteous manner. For published work, we have provided full references to our work. In publishing articles, our objective is to further scientific interest, and provide a means for better understanding of our ideas than conventional (space-limited) publications can provide.

Coded Raw (June 1999) is a specific case, where existing object-orentied design patterns have been used in a new context. To the best of our knowledge, there is no prior art, nor pre-existing protection on such prior art. Implementations of Coded Raw must contain attributions that are clearly visible to the end user, and in the headers of any source code files that implement and call Coded Raw. We do not require the publication of source code, but would consider it a benefit to widespread adoption of technology, and we believe it would be in the interests of any implementor to publish their source code along with documented examples of use.

Interactive elements

This site no longer accepts user-contributed content.

Previously, although we took due care, we made no copyright claims over, and took no responsibility for, user-contributed content. In the event of problems with any content we currently republish, we will endeavour to remove such content on request.