John Valentine
ServiceNow Developer


Developer experience

I'm a senior/lead developer in ServiceNow, data, and JavaScript technologies, working on government and commercial software projects, Agile, ways of working, engineering, practice, and capability.

For ServiceNow, I used to list the areas I'd worked in, but instead, it's more useful to know that I can readily learn new product areas and become expert in them. If you really need a top-level list, then: domains, ITSM, ITBM/Portfolio, CMDB, and various common tools like JavaScript, workflows, and so on. I have light experience of ITOM, event management, SAM, SCCM, AD, LDAP, ITAM, MID server.

ServiceNow feats

As well as configuration-only solutions, I create customized solutions in ServiceNow, to meet must-have customer needs, or optimizations that create significant cost savings for users, support, partners, and ServiceNow teams.

Multi-source, multi-target CMDB importer

I designed and implemented this to allow custom CI names and fields, and from a single import source, route them to appropriate CI classes. This simplified SCCM integrations and reduced support burden for routine manual imports. ServiceNow now offers some of this functionality.

Notification composer API

I created a notification content API that allowed developers to compose branded, accessible, and consistently-formatted email content from modular snippets. It also fetched frequently-required data that typically requires customization for each new notification, so my API accelerated the development of each new notification.

Incident suggestions: 85% support reduction

Before ServiceNow adopted similar functionality, I proposed, designed, and implemented an automatic search from a draft incident, to display Knowledge Base articles. It reduced user-fixable indicents by 85%.

Service Portal widgets

I implemented a Related articles Service Portal widget for Knowledge, which helped users continue their reading journey. It requires no content curation.

Natural language and search improvements for Service Catalog

I customized the Service Catalog search engine to accept synonyms, misspellings, abbreviations, and multi-word prompts. This greatly improved the hit rate on typed customer searches, and reduced the support calls where customers couldn't find existing catalog items.

Exploit fix

I debugged a customized Service Catalog workflow, to discover an injection exploit. From user input in a Service Catalog request, I demonstrated writing to any hidden field, and executing arbitrary server-side code. I fixed the exploit by writing a robust serializer class, with unit tests for proof and to help avoid future regressions.

Security audit and remediation

I demonstrated how most of ServiceNow did not meet a customer security requirement, showing that HTTP traffic contained restricted data that was assumed hidden. I worked with the architect to reach a solution acceptable to the customer, and recommended that integrations use stored procedures to avoid being able to request that data from insecure servers.