John Valentine
Technical Writer


Writer and strategist

I'm an experienced technical writer, content designer, developer advocate, and strategist, creating:

  • customer-facing documentation for platforms and apps
  • developer APIs
  • internal documentation
  • training materials

I have strength in:

  • strategy
  • information architecture
  • service design, workflow, and ways of working
  • style guides
  • writing documentation
  • UX design
  • UI microcopy
  • accessibility
  • diagrams
  • digital transformation
  • developer advocacy

I strive for accessible, clear, correct, and concise content.

I fix 'knowledge anarchy', and create discoverable sustainable content.

Content developer

My development experience gives me powerful techniques to structure information in a meaningful way for customers.

I've designed, coded, and written for content systems. I cover areas like APIs, proprietary application help, media assets, training, project artefacts, compliance documentation, and process guides.

My products successfully helped users with relevant searches and analytics, versatile structure, and enabled SMEs (not just specialist technical writers) to draft consistently-formatted, semantic content.

I devised style guides, created standards, training, and mentored and assisted others with UX and presentation. I edit and review kindly.

Public examples of technical content

Content strategy and UX articles

I write about content, bringing togther technical writing, UX design, digital transformation, and technology.

How I can simplify articles

Gradual disclosure in my UX design

My novel UX design, SVG and HTML

My UX design for analysis results