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Featured Downloads and Projects

ZenithA remake of The Sentinel, suited to today's PCs. See also: Player Guide, FAQs, Screenshots.
CrossminesPuzzle game featuring many challenging variations on Minesweeper. See also: Player Guide.
Pocket Universe*Simulates colliding galaxies.
The Matrix Effect*Screensaver for Windows that looks like the console displays shown in The Matrix. Very popular in Asia, with over 1.2 million downloads on C-Net alone.
Coded Raw*A concept project for an API and file format that solves many problems with digital image files.
Raw Forge*A project to read and process camera-raw image files.
FMC Synthesizer*An early freeform software synthesizer for the Amiga.


Pieces of EightResearch project to discover useful abstractions for foundational physics. See also: Papers


Four FoursMathematical puzzle where readers contribute answers. See also: Introduction, Solutions 0-100, Solutions 100+, Add your Solution+, Education Resources, Links.