John Valentine

This is my personal website, showcasing geekery for business and pleasure.

Music and sound design

I made patches included in Surge XT 1.0. Find demos on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Featured: Sticky Fingers

A browser-based MIDI controller surface for touch screens on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Create your own layout of components, and configure them to suit your playing style.

Featured: Wordlish

A word-usage analyser for writers and editors. It's free, and your data doesn't leave your local browser.

Physics Foundations

Rolling the dice for quantum mechanics

A project to design simple foundations with standard emergent properties.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Author

I write short stories, novels, and verse, mostly sci-fi and fantasy works.


“An excellent, compact but smart looking remake of The Sentinel. ... This is a nice modernisation and is much better than the commercial update that the PC and PlayStation got in The Sentinel Returns.” – The Bird Sanctuary