Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Take the plunge into intriguing places: across time, into spirit, into almost nothing, as an escape, planetfall, or the mind of a super-intelligent AI that only lives for a few seconds. With bonus Afterwords to accompany most of the stories, and for the anthology as a whole, you'll get more insight into our imagined worlds.

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Latest News

Geek Q1 2016

We've launched an experimental project, FMC Audio Synthesis.

Fiction Q4 2015

We've published two collections of sci-fi short stories.

Physics Q4 2015

Our Foundations and Cosmology paper is published (WSP, DOI cat).

Physics Q4 2014

Our Foundations and Cosmology paper has been received for publication.

Fiction published Q4 2014

Two of our short stories have been published in an anthology.

Physics Q2 2014

We wrote a biennial report, ready for conference later in the year. This report summarises the work of the last two years, an extract of which will become the new foundation paper.

Physics Q1 2014

A productive quarter: three papers, applying 2012 work to specialisms.