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July 2014Site NewsWe've refreshed the style of our site. Clutter is hidden, and the look is cleaner. Coming soon: annotation and comments.
Q2 2014PhysicsWe wrote a biennial report, ready for conference later in the year. This report summarises the work of the last two years, an extract of which will become the new foundation paper.
Q1 2014PhysicsA productive quarter: three papers, applying 2012 work to specialisms.
October 2013PhysicsPaper to be published in BCS/Vigier/World Scientific Publishing proceedings.
22 Dec 2010PhysicsPaper published in AIP Proceedings.
13 Nov 2010InfoIf you're interested how this website is constructed, see test page.
13 Feb 2010Site NewsServer-side improvements, and tidying of content. Each mini-site acts like a Wiki, and is searchable.
13 May 2009Physics

We've been updating the Pieces of Eight: Fundamental Physics. Development continues in the background, but we're choosing not to publish all work, respecting the conventional channels for such releases.