Four Fours

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  1. David A Wheeler - Solutions from 0 to 40,000

    Home to the 'definitive' list of Four Fours solutions. There's a solution for all whole numbers up to 40,000, which is made possible using a scale of 'impurity', where a relaxed set of rules is used when a solution is not possible using strict rules. These solutions are obtained computationally. A PDF of the full results, or a quick ASCII file of the first 1000 can be downloaded.

  2. Math Forum: Ruth Carver [Internet Archive] - 0 to 100

    Contributed solutions, using relatively simple rules.

  3. Telraam [Internet Archive]

    Another program that can compute Four Fours solutions, and variants of the Four Four problem.

  4. Paul Bourke [Internet Archive]

    Provides more relaxed rules. Note that only the rules under the heading "Acceptable symbols and operators" are applicable to comp-sci's Four Fours.

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  1. Wikipedia: Mathematical Games