Coded Raw Project

About Coded Raw

Essentially, Coded Raw embeds decoding methods into files, along with a standards-compliant implementation of an API. We have not yet chosen the language/runtime environment, but JavaScript is currently favoured, and we could choose any that supports dynamic linking or functional programming, plus a ringfenced VM for security.

Coded Raw is an ambitious project to develop a means for open, universal, and future-proof digital image storage and retrieval.

We emphasize openness, extensibility, modularity, and future readability of image files, to overcome the practical problems caused by proprietary or encoded formats. All aspects of the project are intended to be ‘open’, both in terms of education and future development.

Our most ambitious goal is to interest all parties who handle image files, including software developers, camera manufacturers, government libraries, medical imaging, museums, academic institutions, digital archive repositories, and home users.

— John Valentine, 2005.

In 2016, we're looking at it again, in the context of a JavaScript environment.


At the time of writing, this is a new project in its design/feasibility stage. There are no downloads yet. We hope to attract developers who specialize in the relevant fields, and to announce prototype examples soon.

  • Introduction: Some more details about why we are doing this, and the approaches we will use.
  • Modularity: Example scenarios when Coded Raw is implemented natively in cameras.
  • Examples: More general examples, showing wider scope.
  • Site Map: Other articles for Coded Raw.