Coded Raw Project
Examples of use

Coded Raw technology may be applied to any process that fits the Coded Raw model of requesting image data from an object. Some examples, to get your imagination going:

  1. A standard wrapper for camera-raw formats
  2. A wrapper for custom or novel encodings, e.g. a simple run-length encoding, a new fractal-based decompression engine, CS sparsity algorithms, etc.
  3. Teletext/Viewdata archive, which outputs a page requested by parameters (page, seq, reveal).
  4. e-Book: outputs a page by requested parameters.
  5. Rasterizer for previewing or final rendering of vector artwork, or of 3D data.
  6. Subpixel/TFT-optimzed images at any size.
  7. Gallery with internal file system.
  8. Storage-efficient image servers.
  9. Presentation of live data, e.g. making a chart or graph from a file on the web.