John Valentine
Surge: Pipe Organ


Pipe Organ Flutes and Reeds

In Surge XT, navigate to John Valentine > Keys > Pipe Organ Flutes and Reeds.

The main sound comes from a resonating noise source, similar to the way pipe organs work. Reed stops and extra flutes at 4' and 2' are available, and a swell control dampens octaves above the fundamental.

Recommended for use with a well temperament, rather than 12-ET.

MacroMIDI CCNameDescription
141AttackHow quickly the air speed builds up.
242Fundamental8' A boost to the fundamental frequency.
343Swell closeSelectively dampens an octave above for some ranks.
444Stop 24' flute
545Reed 24' reed
646Stop 2b 22' flute
747Not used
848ReverbLarge room ambience

Demo: Toccata in F

This from a decently-arranged old MIDI file, adjusted for pace, dynamics, stops, and playing style. Each of the 13 tracks is a Surge instance, with its stops configured to match the intended purpose. Larger pipes like 16' and 32' are scene-transposed with patch tweaks.