John Valentine
Surge: Nylon Acoustic Guitar

Play the instrument with some of the variations allowed by the physical original.

You can use multi-track techniques to isolate expression control of more than one string, or enable MPE in Surge and your DAW.

MacroMIDI CCNameDescription
141MuteLowers the high-frequency components of the guitar.
242Soft pluckSet low, this gives a hard pluck with sudden excitation of the string. Set high, this rubs the string with a finger pad as it is released, for a soft excitation.
343Play at bridgeWhen high, the sound is harsher with more high harmonics and body resonance for the pluck.
444BanjoIntroduces specific body resonances for the banjo drum, and decreases the ringout.
545Dual stringAdds a second string to the mix, which you can detune in the oscillator parameters.
848ReverbAdds a room ambience.

Demo 1: Cavatina

This is the start of Cavatina (Theme from the Deer Hunter) by Stanley Myers. It uses vibrato on the modulation wheel, with expressions of Soft pluck and velocity. The pitch wheel controls any transitions between frets.