John Valentine
About Msg

Msg is a minimal web app that lets you silently flash short messages to people who can see your screen.

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It's free, and doesn't store your data.

We developed Msg to allow parents to silently communicate without disturbing a child, in situations where quiet is needed. It has other uses, like communicating across a room without disturbing others, or voting situations like 'planning poker'.


Version 1.01, created by John Valentine. Donate to support software like this.

  • Write anything supported by your browser, including emoji.
  • Scale your text to suit the message.
  • Full-screen view.
  • Quick clear, and subsequent undo. v1.01
  • Made for mobile.

Known issues

  • Some browsers can omit a line of text or emoji if is seems not to fit vertically in the text area. We believe this happens too readily, so are looking for a workaround.
  • We can't account for who else might be looking, other than your intended target. Please use Msg responsibly.