John Valentine

My favourite media are: rendered art (CGI, ray tracing), virtual painting, and photography.

Recent projects: Coniferous forests and atmospheres, bluebells, storyboarding, The Tourist, sunset skies, abstracted emotions, light-scattering media.

More soon.

Digital painted art – made using Krita

First attempts

About 40 minutes each.

Moondog (original 3k × 2k, 96bpp)

Berg study (original 3k × 2k, 96bpp)

Five-minute sprints

I make a couple of five-minute attempts, starting from scratch. This helps me quickly develop a technique. The one you see here is the final attempt.

My work here is done.

Forest fire at dusk.

Backlit cloud study.

Longer works


Sea Stacks.

Forest 2.

Forks Concept 1.

Stones 1 (cropped).