Coded Raw Project
Obstacles and Priorities

Archive Note

This article was written in 2005. It is a DRAFT, with expectations of a detailed rewrite.

This is a list of obstacles to development, and priorities for positive development.

If you see yourself as being able to help with these, then apply or post at the SourceForge link, or use the Contact form. Implemented suggestions will be credited.


Obstacles to development

1Class loaderFind the mechanism to dynamically load and execute a class method from an arbitrary position in an arbitrary data file.
2SandboxingWe're concerned that the execution model might lead to security vulnerabilities, and the possibility of malware payloads being released into the application's host environment.

Priorities for future development

3Proof of conceptDemonstrate decoding abstraction: a minimal implementation of rendering from different data files having different internal encodings, from the same application, without the application having any special knowledge of the encoding method. Standards, interfacing, and method-substitution workflows will follow after this stage.