Coded Raw Project
Protocol - Introduction

Archive Note

This article was written in 2005. It is a DRAFT, with expectations of a detailed rewrite.

The protocol standard covers the negotiation process and interfacing that an application uses to use a Coded Raw resource.

We use the term 'protocol' because it is a two-way process, where the application queries the file, and the file responds as a service (using the runtime environment or virtual machine provided by the application).

Example of an exchange (top level)

StepSent by AppSent by Coded Raw resource
1Establish Coded Raw Interface Standard
2Which Methods do you support?
3These methods*: x, y, z, ...
4What are the basic image attributes? (standard foo)
5RGB-16, 800 pixels wide, 600 high.
6Give me RGB-8 at optimal native resolution (800 × 600 preferred)
7(data stream)
8Close connectionFree resources

* The data structure of the method list will include standard enumerations (for common identification), standard Method Set membership, name, and entry point (or block) for execution.