Modular Audio Synthesis



FMC is a project to rewrite my 1990 Amiga app as a HTML5 browser app.


In 1989, we were interested in sound synthesis, and the idea of creating any sound 'from nothing'. At the time, music synthesizers were hardware-based and very expensive, so I started an exploratory project into audio synthesis, "FMC".

FMC built circuits, which connected together boxes ("operators"), each of which could generate or process signals in different ways. Most operators emulated elements that were in use in professional synthesizers of the time. With a bit of work, one could produce a fair imitation of well-known sounds.

The New Project

We're aware that since 1989, audio synthesis has moved on significantly. This project is not necessarily about besting today's efforts. Rather, like the old FMC, it serves as a platform for experimentation. After achieving a basic engine, we'll be implementing some ideas in our own way. We could give you a wonderful list of features here, but that would not be wise: we don't know how much time we'll be able to dedicate to the project.

What it does now

It generates a digital signal for a sine wave, using the parameters for Operator 0 and the Performance. This can be played or downloaded, directly from the browser, without using a server. It works on mobile and desktop. We're now looking at the Patch editing UI, and will be improving the capability synthesis in small updates (Agile).

Follow Development

We're not ready to make a public release yet, but you can follow a reasonably up-to-date log of developments on G+.

So far, we've used these tools: JavaScript, ReactJS + babel-core, less, FileSaver.js, Font Awesome, git. This should soon include a module manager, and continuous intergration testing, as resources allow.

We privately maintain these assets: git repository, backlog list.

Follow FMC on G+ 

A very early version of FMC in HTML5 form: desktop and mobile.