Blog: My Writing
Date04 January 2014

This is a blog article, which expresses informal views.

Writer to Writers

Answering a Difficult Question

Friends and fellow writers have asked about my writing, but I’ve found it difficult to describe my work concisely. In this short post, I hope to answer that question. By writing this, I hope to have created, rather than ruined, good opportunities for conversation.

Awkward Pigeonholes: Genre and Style

My writing spans a set of genres surrounding ‘speculative fiction’, dabbling with the surreal, science fiction, fantasy, or cyberpunk.

Generally, I start with a very simple idea, usually a technology or an insight, and write almost as a stream of consciousness, imagining a world where that aspect is integrated into society, or known only to some.

My writing reflects my own interests and perspectives, so I describe and explore aspects that would fascinate me if I found myself in that situation. For that reason, most of my writing documents a process of discovery, staying with one character throughout. There are exceptions of course, and I do not have rules that restrict my style.


I have a few scientific publications under my belt, along with an ongoing library of technical material for my day job. As I write this, I have not yet published work under my own label, I cannot yet claim to be a successful author, but I can confidently say that i enjoy writing as a leisure pursuit. [edit: now, I have published a couple of short story anthologies, and a novel series is on the way]

Some of my stories have been with me since I was an imaginative child. Others are carefully-planned grand operas (pretentious works-in-progress), and some were typed out from nothing in a couple of hours. It is refreshing to note that the latter can be as powerful as the former; a strong idea, along with dramatic implications, can sometimes be communicated in just a few words, to have a lasting impression on the reader.

Show Me Something?

Not yet! I am reserving my work until I am confident that I can publish my best work in the best way.