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My writing usually paints a picture gradually, so you can enjoy making the journey of discovery. I like immersing readers in an elegant idea in a fantasy or sci-fi setting.

Some of my work is available on Kindle and other platforms, and I publish under the title Digital Heat Death. I make announcements here, and on Twitter:

Abstracts and Crossings: 'The Falling Emperor' and more

Heat Death Anthology 2


Take the plunge into intriguing places: across time, into spirit, into almost nothing, as an escape, planetfall, or the mind of an AI that lives for only four seconds.

With bonus Afterwords to accompany most of the stories, and for the anthology as a whole, you'll get more insight into our imagined worlds.


  • Foreword
  • The Infinte Plane
  • The T3 report
  • Fabric
  • Bound
  • A Lightness of Touch
  • The Falling Emperor
  • Anthology Afterword

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Rewrites and Perspectives: 'The Final Repository' and more

Heat Death Anthology 1


A collection of surreal stories featuring events re-written or seen from different perspectives.

This edition includes "Author Insights" as Afterwords for most of the stories.

The cover features an imagining of a great library from one of the scenes.


  • Foreword
  • The Final Repository
  • The Noise
  • The Story Story
  • Eight Works
  • For the Last Time
  • The Coil
  • Anthology Afterword

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Coming Soon: InfoSpace

On the scale of space opera, but in abstract settings, InfoSpace:Awakening is the first novel-length part of the InfoSpace series. We'll bring more news nearer its release.

News Archive

InfoSpace Q4 2015

I'm editing a novel-length first part of InfoSpace: Awakening.

Anthologies Q4 2015

I'm delighted to tease you with forthcoming themed anthologies of my shorter works.

Short story published Q4 2015

Read a previously-unpublished short story on Kindle, A Lightness of Touch.

Fiction published Q4 2014

Two of my short stories have been published in an anthology.